a silly little doodle
“Seperation” kyoko cole 2014 acrylic on canvas panel
2015-05-09 21.45.54
“my secret love” kyoko cole 2015 ink and other materials on paper
2015-05-09 21.42.47
“the world may never know (the twisted words you say)” kyoko cole 2015 mixed media on canvas
2015-05-19 23.59.25
another doodle “the life flower” kyoko cole 2015 ink and other materials on paper
2015-05-07 13.49.21
“crying (over you)” kyoko cole 2015 acrylic on canvas
2015-01-26 00.05.24
unfinished painting work in progress 2015
“junkies”, kyoko cole, 2006, mixed media on canvas

all original art work by kyoko cole

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